Songluo tea is a type of tea whose origin and history can be traced back 600 years to the Ming Dynasty.  The process of making Songluo tea was first created by a Dafang Monk.  Songluo black tea uses an optimal Qimen Chu Ye cultivar slightly different from its unoxidized cousin, Songluo green tea.


On September 12th, 1745, the largest vessel of the Swedish East India Company, the East Indiaman Gotheborg built in Stockholm, sank to the bottom of the sea just before reaching her home port of Gothenburg, Sweden.  For mysterious reasons, it hit an underwater rock despite an experienced captain on board sailing through a familiar route.  366 tons of tea on board was sunk with the ship.


In 1984 an 8 year excavation project of the the East Indiaman Gotheborg began.  A vast amount of tea was found.  Although the boxes holding the teas decomposed, surprisingly some teas stored in tin cans remained sealed off from water after being submerged under the sea for 240 years.


In 2012, founder the Huangshan Wangguangxi Songluo Tea Co, Mr. Wang Guangxi, built a museum dedicated to Songluo tea to increase the awareness of this historically renowned tea among tea lovers.  In the musem preserved in jars sits this special recovered Songluo tea from the Gotheborg.


    • Ingredients:  Black Tea
    • Packaging: Luxury Tea Tins, 40g/70g
    • Origin:  Xiu Ning, Anhui Province, China
    • Cultivar:  Qimen Chu Ye
    • Elevation:  1,800 ft
    • Picking Date:  April, 2018 - first flush
    • Picking Style:  bud and 1 or 2 leaves
    • Dry Leaves Appearance:  rolled black snail-like pellets
    • Wet Leaves Aroma:  wet hay, prunes, dry wood
    • Liquor Appearance:  dark apricot orange, clear
    • Liquor Aroma:  prunes, floral, wood chips
    • Taste:  plum, molasses, honey
    • Mouthfeel:  light to medium thickness, very subtle astringency
    • Caffeine Level:  Moderate

    Songluo Black

    • Gong Fu Brewing of Songluo Black:

      • 4g per 100ml
      • 205°F / 95°C
      • 15 seconds
      • 8 infusions


      Western Brewing of Songluo Black:

      • 1.1 tsp per 8oz
      • 205°F / 95°C
      • 105 seconds
      • 3 infusions


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