Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain) has long taken credit for having the most breathtaking mountain views in China, and also the best tea plantation fields with the advantage of high elevation, warm climate, abundant rainfall, and a large area of fertile soil hidden in the clouds and fog.


The mystic Yellow Mountain began to grow tea 1200 years ago.  In the year 1056 during the Song Dynasty, the Xie family at the foot of Yellow Mountain initiated a new tea processing method of “fry – rub – bake”, taking China’s tea development into a new period. For generations, the Xie family lived by planting, processing, and selling tea. Huangshan Maofeng was created when in 1875 a local tea grower and merchant named Zheng’an Xie improved the original tea processing method and developed a “secret” formula that could meet the market demand.


Yellow Mountain in Eastern China’s Anhui province is one of the nation’s most famous mountains and home to several superior varieties of green teas.  Huangshan Maofeng tea is arguably the best.  Huangshan Maofeng literally means "Yellow Mountain Fur Peak", so named for its newly-picked leaves being covered by small white hairs, and the cusp of the leave resembling the peak of a mountain.  It is one of China’s top ten famous teas.  The tea features slender slightly coiled leaves and a yellowish dark green color with some silver pekoe.


    • Ingredients:  Green Tea
    • Packaging: Luxury Tea Tins, 25g/40g
    • Origin:  Huangshan, Anhui Province, China
    • Cultivar:  Huangshan Da Ye
    • Elevation:  1,800 ft
    • Picking Date:  April 2018
    • Picking Style:  bud and 2 leaves
    • Dry Leaves Appearance:  slender, slightly coiled dark green with some silver pekoe
    • Wet Leaves Aroma:  vegetal, cut grass, roasted chestnuts
    • Liquor Appearance:  pale green, clear
    • Liquor Aroma:  buttered biscuits, cotton candy, tall dry grass
    • Taste:  buttered biscuits, cream, wet grass, strawberries
    • Mouthfeel:  medium thickness, subtle astringency on tip of the tongue
    • Caffeine Level:  Moderate

    Huangshan Maofeng

    • Gong Fu Brewing of Huangshan Maofeng:

      • 4g per 100ml
      • 175°F / 80°C
      • 15 seconds
      • 5 infusions


      Western Brewing of Huangshan Maofeng:

      • 1.5 tsp per 8oz
      • 175°F / 80°C
      • 90 seconds
      • 3 infusions


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