Hou Kui, also known as Monkey King and Taiping Hou Kui, literally means "peaceful monkey leader". The tea has been produced since the beginning of the 20th century, and it won the "King of Tea" award at the China Tea Exhibition in 2004 and is sometimes listed as a famous Chinese tea.  It's known for its "two knives and one pole": two straight leaves clasping the large bud with white hairs.


Hou Kui is a very unique tea made by a complicated and time consuming process.  Producers fry the leaves in a wok using special hand movements and squeezing the buds and leaves together. Then the tea is roasted in a wooden four drawer structure, with a charcoal pot underneath. Workers carefully adjust the charcoal to make each level of the cabinet a different temperature.  Batches of leaves are moved between levels of the cabinet, removing their moisture with different levels of heat.  Once leaves finish this staggered roasting, workers lay out each leaf flat and press them into their distinct shape using two layers of fine screens.


  • Ingredients:  Green Tea
  • Packaging: Resealable Tea Pouch, 25g/50g
  • Origin:  Taiping, Huangshan, Anhui Province, China
  • Cultivar:  Shi Da
  • Elevation:  2,600 ft
  • Picking Date:  April 2019
  • Picking Style:  bud and 2 leaves
  • Dry Leaves Appearance:  long flat vibrant green
  • Wet Leaves Aroma:  dewey grass, cream
  • Liquor Appearance:  vibrant green, very slight cloudiness
  • Liquor Aroma:  cream, pumpkin seeds, floral
  • Taste:  rice milk, pumpkin seeds, cream
  • Mouthfeel:  medium thickness, touch of astringency
  • Caffeine Level:  Moderate

Hou Kui

  • Gong Fu Brewing of Hou Kui:

    • 4g per 100ml
    • 175°F / 80°C
    • 15 seconds
    • 5 infusions


    Western Brewing of Hou Kui:

    • 1.5 tsp per 8oz
    • 175°F / 80°C
    • 90 seconds
    • 3 infusions


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