The Flute Brewer + Tall Glass Cup is our favorite method of Gongfu Brewing.  It allows you to brew easily and mess free anytime – even at your desk.


Flute Brewer:

Our 200ml (6.8 ounce) handmade glass flute brewer is unique convenient way to brew your teas Gong Fu style for friends or just for yourself at your desk while you work.  It features a glass lid that also acts as a holder for the glass infuser between infusions.  The infuser is almost as large as the brewer, which allows the tea leaves plenty of room to expand and properly infuse.  Unlike a gaiwan, the flute brewer allows you to see the beauty of the leaves as they're infusing and transforming.  To brew, simply add tea leaves, add water, allow tea to brew, remove infuser from cup, and your tea is ready to pour.  Once you remove the infuser the brewer itself acts as the Gong Dao Bei (fairness cup).  The brewer has glass handles that make it easy to pour and keep your fingers cool.


Tall Glass Cup:

Our 200ml (6.8 ounce) handmade tall glass cup was carefully selected after trying many samples of cups for a specific reason. Even with just a small amount of tea, the 4.75" height of the cup allows space for the aromas from the tea liquor to accumulate in a delectable perfume just waiting to be savored before each sip.

Flute Brewer & Cup Set