About Us

Founded in 2018 by Tanner Janesky, a health and fitness enthusiast, Three Brews Tea is a small business with the intention of enriching the health of its customers by delivering a variety of great tasting quality teas with specific health benefits.  We take the unique approach of providing three specialty single origin teas, loose leaf tea blends, or tisanes.  The tea and tisane blends are handcrafted for specific purposes from reducing inflammation to boosting immunity to aiding sleep.

The idea for Three Brews Tea came about after Tanner discovered that there is so much more to tea than grocery store tea bags.  As a health enthusiast he initially started exploring tea for it's health benefits of preventing disease, oxidative stress, and inflammation.  After experiencing the depth of flavor and aromas from quality loose leaf teas, he knew he found something significant.  After trying a variety of amazing teas from China, India, and Japan, as well as different herbal tisanes, the power of different teas, herbs, and spices became apparent.  Certain green teas improved his energy level and mental clarity in a way that coffee had never been able to do.  Perhaps most significantly, his insomnia that he'd struggled with for years virtually disappeared after drinking a blend of natural herbs.  The idea for Three Brews Tea was born with the goal of sharing these natural health improvements with others.